Areus, the Great Warrior, is the human god of battle as well as a chaotic neutral deity. Lord of the Realm of War Areus presides over soldiers, warriors, honor, the creation of weapons, war, tactics, and battle. He respects honor in battle and prowess at arms and as such Areus and his priests will often take in those who show either of these qualities. His symbol is a flaming blade.


Areus counts many military figures as his worshipers along with wandering mercenaries and adventurers. So long as the follower is honorable in battle Areus accepts them with open arms. Priests of Areus often find themselves serving human kings in their wars and are renowned for their prowess in battle. Followers of Areus carry medallions with them that are blessed by Areus’ priests and help protect them in combat. Clerics of Areus primarily follow the domain of war.

Swords of Areus:

The Swords of Areus is an order of warriors well known for both their skill in war and devotion to the god Areus. Making their home in Storm’s Landing within the Kingdom of Rheriven the Swords travel far and wide to assist the worshipers of Areus wherever war arises. To join the Swords the prospective member must prove his or herself through combat by first being a veteran of a war, known as the Right of Service, and then completing a quest that usually involves defeating a mighty foe, known as the Right of Valor. New Swords are then sworn in through a ritual known as the Blooding which involves scaring one’s wrist in a shape representative of one’s Right of Valor.


Areus is the sworn enemy of Vozldir, whom Areus shares the Realm of War with, and believes the evil god to be a savage brute and is locked in a never ending war with his chaotic counterpart. Ticondrius and Areus have a known rivalry with the god of battle continuously hunting down Ticondrius in hopes of a mighty battle to end all battles. So far the Dragonlord has escaped Areus every time to war god finds him. Areus has a uncertain relationship with the goddess Zolra, respecting her ability in battle and maybe even more then that. Areus’ demigod is the spirit of a great human warrior, Henricus Goldsword, who serves as the great general for Areus’ ethereal army.



Areus has helped many factions in the history human of wars, often siding against Vozldir. He may usually send priests or warriors to aid a single side in order to win against Vozldir.


Areus’ symbol is that of the flaming sword he uses in battle. Known as Fireheart the blade is unbreakable and capable of hewing through any substance. In addition to the sword that appears upon their amulets, followers of Areus adorn their shields and other gear with the flaming sword, and many of the Swords carry replicas of the flaming blade, crafted by powerful enchanters.




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