Riona, the Lady of the Winds and Waves, is the human goddess of the ocean and air in addition to being a chaotic good deity. Ruler of the Realm of Atlias Riona presides over sailors, storms, winds, the ocean, ocean life, and ships. Controller of the winds and currents of the world, Riona requests prayers in return for safe passage on ocean voyages and does not look favorably on those who greatly disturb the aquatic world. She is said to have the ability to transform into whatever sea creature she so desires and some say she travels the mortal world in these forms sometimes. Her symbol is a statue modeled in her likeness.


Almost every sailor will offer up a prayer to Riona before partaking on a long voyage and many who live by the sea coast offer prayers in hopes that she not send storms to their homes. Riona is a kind if not unpredictable goddess and as such she mostly listens to the pleas of her worshipers. Priests of Riona often carry vials of water, collected from a pool blessed by their goddess, with them and are said to be able to interpret the swirling of the water to predict storms. The merfolk also worship an aspect of Riona who uses the name Azalea. Clerics of Riona generally follow the Tempest domain.


Riona’s portfolio connects her deeply to Estos the Waterlord, but little in known of any interaction between the two due to the silence of the Elemental Lords in mortal affairs. Riona has no great ally amongst the other gods due mostly to her desire to be independent. Her demigod is a great sea serpent known as Kygril who sometimes travels to the mortal realms to punish those who befoul the seas of the world.


Riona rules over the Realm of Atlias, a water filled world of glistening underwater cities and great reefs. She is joined by the souls of her faithful and those of a good number of merfolk. Riona does not live within anyone city but instead prefers to swim freely through the waters of her world, enjoying the freedom it provides her.


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Riona’s symbol is a statue of her mermaid-esque form and is often seen within human harbors throughout the world. Since her followers tend not to wear heavy or finely adorned armor it is rare to see such a figure adorning the garb of her followers, though shields painted with sea life or amulets carved into sea life are common enough ways of showing devotion to Riona.



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